Dark Side of Nowhere
MIXTAPE | 16 TRACKS | 37:39

A haunting mélange of rockabilly and dark, moody country music, the backdrop to a distorted Lynchian vision of America...

Eddy Bailes & The Cadillacs - Dark Side of the Moon
Conway Twitty - Ain’t It Sad To Stand And Watch Love Die
Link Wray - The Shadow Knows
Ron Sutherland - Psycho Gunner
Jack Reno - We All Go Crazy
Lloyd Green - Panic (A Trip)
Billy Saint - Midnight Freeze
Clint Blacklaw - Still As The Night
The Kentucky Raiders - I Didn’t Realize
Hank Levine - Midnight
Elvis Presley - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
Bill Osborn - Bamboo and Rice (Instrumental)
The Renowns - Wild One
Diane Renner - Quicksand
Duane Eddy - The Trembler
Billy Van Four - The Last Sunrise

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