Gentle Breeze
MIXTAPE | 13 TRACKS | 43:56

An old jukebox somewhere along the seashore, playing chill tunes to accompany the soothing and blissful summer breeze.

Geri Baird - Backside Of The Desert
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got
The Originals - California Sunset
Somebody - Follow Me
Steve Guthrie - One Of Those Days
Greg Sonnleitner - Misunderstood
Archie Whitewater - Seacoast
The Roger Webb Sound - Moon Bird
Expressway - Blue Evening
Dreams - Heritage
The Afro-American Ensemble - Gone Is The Laughter Of You
Aina - Insouled In You
Dick Hieronymus - The Edge Of Forever (feat. Carol Browning)

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