Dream Road (Japanese Folk Mix)
MIXTAPE | 10 TRACKS | 51:31

A whole bunch of obscure and private-press Japanese folk and psych rock tracks, all sourced from some guy on Youtube. If this sounds the least bit questionable to you, you’ll want to skip this one. However, if your reaction was “Fuck yeah!” then you’ll find this to be quite a treat. The emotions far outweigh the barrier of language for me - and some of these dudes can shred with the best of them.

Vsop - Shizuka Da Kara (1973)
Ippiki Ookami - Loneliness (1972)
M.D.B. - Microcosmic Poem (1976)
Moon - Moon (??)
Kazunari Tanaka - Discover Japan (1973)
Usagi & Kame - What Is Changing (1972)
Labo Nash-Sun - Dream Road (1978)
Mu Jonjon - Inochi II (‘Tomodachi’) (1974)
Kazaguruma - I Just Stay Crouching (1973)
Love - Time Gives Life (1977)

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