Strange Seeds
MIXTAPE | 13 TRACKS | 40:45

Exploring some of the more bizarre corners of my crate digging expeditions with this zany mix of private press space rock, obscure 80’s metal jams, long lost lounge/pop records, electronic Russian prog rock, French acid folk, as well as a somber, psychedelic ode to painkillers. This is just a little taste of what you will find inside - if you like your music Weird you won’t be disappointed.

Duncan Pryce Kirk - Space Out (1981)
Pangea - Invasori (1976)
Junius Brutus - Textures (1984)
Blackout - Not Enough Love (??)
Lori Longmire - Feel Like Makin’ Love (1974)
Eclipse - Every Night Light (1983)
Yuri Morozov - Neizyasnimoe (1978)
Mixed Items - Androids Of The Rich (1979)
St. Tropez - Il lato sconosciuto (1978)
Temple - Brother Flesh (1982)
Instant Death - Enabler (1994)
Julien Grycan - Atlantide (1981)
Jeff Liberman - Phenaphen #3 (1975)

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