The Edge of Sanity (In The 1980's)
MIXTAPE | 13 TRACKS | 49:13

For the true curiosity seekers - a collection of rare DIY and often bizarre private-press recordings from the 1980’s.  All these artists are united by a common thread - they all teeter on the cusp of greatness, never quite reaching it’s lofty heights.  But yet, moments of brilliance remain, even if they never got their due.

Bobby Lowell - Race’n with the Reaper
Peter Ivers - Miraculous Weekend
Chris Eggleton - Isn’t It Strange
Victoria - Bop Solo
Brian Sands - Orangutango
Dalte Kizer - Quality
Jonathan V - Spaceman
Roc Mangini - Starlight
Bobb Trimble - Deep Inside My Heart
Superdude - Face the Music
Erica Laine - In Loving Memory
Tommy Mandel - Starlight
Flower Leperds - Lying Dead On The Phone

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