Lonely Highways Part 2
MIXTAPE | 12 TRACKS | 42:13

In creating the first Lonely Highways, I ended up with so many songs that moved me and just didn’t seem to fit into the mix for one reason or another, so naturally Part 2 was born. This spiritual successor continues the same loner folk vibe, taking you down similar worn and world-weary roads.

Jackson Frank - Milk and Honey
Bruce Cockburn - You Don’t Have to Play the Horses
Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum - Alathea
Dwayne Cannan - Slippin’ Away
John Frusciante - Forever Away
Bob Desper - Darkness Is Like A Shadow
Bill Quick - Beautiful People
Steve Atkinson - Strange Streets
Spectrum - Mama, Did Jesus Wear Make-up
Kenny Knight - To Be Free
John Buck Wilkin - Sun, Moon and Stars
Colin Scott - Nite People

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