Strange Seeds Vol. 2
MIXTAPE | 12 TRACKS | 39:31

A mesmerizing collection of oddities that will make your mind implode. Moog-based country music, filthy synth funk, rare accordion garage rock, disco jazz, avant-garde punk, outsider synth pop about Michael Jackson, apocalyptic folk rock from a children’s TV presenter, and psychedelic soul written from the point of view of aliens. Truly a luxurious experience for the musically adventurous.

Rick Walker - Harlem Nocturne
Sam Sklair & Gus Galbraith - Computer Talk
William Cosby - Beware
Bill Hurst - You Can't Help Me
Michaël – Michael (I'm Michael)
Al Caiola - Disco Jazz
Afflicted Man - Hippy Punk
Berlin West - Snakepit
McGruff - Inhalers
Orch. Zara - Ocean
Rick Jones - The Child Of The Future
Jo Banks & The Soul Train - Earth People, We Will Be Sad For You

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