Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl Vol. 2
MIXTAPE | 12 TRACKS | 43:01

Vol. 2 of Dr. Babylon’s best series yet unearths hard-hitting beats from all over the globe, from Israeli folk rock to Yugoslavian funk, Zambian rock and instrumental pop from the Netherlands and Hong Kong. There’s even a Canadian folk-country downer in the mix.
You never know what you might hear when Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl.

Jacky McKayten - My Child (1982)
Bariş Manço - Aman Avcı Vurma Beni (1966)
Darko Domijan - Zlatokosa (1974)
Trevor Dandy - Is There Any Love (1970)
Valerie_Lagrange - Si Ma Chanson Pouvait (1971)
Jan Hollestelle – Creepy (1973)
Nino Ferrer - Looking For You (1974)
Edward King - The Dream (1971)
The Laurie Steele Combo & Chorus - Hushabye Mountain (1969)
Witch - Strange Dream (1975)
Chang Loo - Happiness (1971)
Im Ju-ri - Now (Come Back) (1979)

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