Xanadu Blues
MIXTAPE | 13 TRACKS | 44:12

Exploring the beauty in sadness once again and picking up where American Exile left off, this is another collection of disparate souls forever traveling down well-worn roads in search of a brighter sunset.

F.J. McMahon - Five Year Kansas Blues
Sam Parry - What’s A Gambler To Do
John Roman Jackson - Sometimes
Jill Cislaghi - Jesse
Rodriguez - Lifestyles - Sandrevan Lullaby
Daybreak & Eumir Deodato - Walking Out On Yesterday
Major Herbert R. Metoyer - Two Lost Children of Cumberland County
Bill Madison - Buffalo Skinners
Townes Van Zandt - Big Country Blues
Vernon Wray - Prison Song
Sammi Smith - Saunders Ferry Lane
Therapy - Eleanor Rigby
Dale Jenkins - See Me Crying

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