The Crates Vol. 4
MIXTAPE | 14 TRACKS | 45:00

Let Dr. Babylon take you on a journey through another epic stack of records - with Latin funk, lost garage rock, Trinidad Reggae, Swedish prog rock, and tearful country soul.

Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Runnin’ Wild
Los Antiques - Last Tango In Paris
Thee Cherokee Chiefs - Livin’ On The Passing Lane
Endless - Tomorrow’s Song
Electros - Long Train Runnin’
Douglas Wood - Silhouettes
Archie Whitewater - Hulk
Paul Kass - Roadrunner
Duck - Southern Man
Trettioåriga Kriget - Natten Som Alltid
Embryo - Wajang Woman
Bobby Brown - Sweet Dreams Of You
Jaklin - Song To Katherine
Dear Mr. Time - Birth - The Beginning

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