American Exile
MIXTAPE | 11 TRACKS | 45:17

Another dip in the waters of loner folk - The unsung soundtrack of those drifting through the pastoral wastelands of a forgotten America, one that only exists in faded Polaroids and the hearts and minds of those that lived it.  An ode to all the hippies and outcasts that never could make a dime, and never stayed in one place too long.  The ones on the fringes.  Their voices are the story of American Exile.

Allan Wachs - Mountain Roads (1979)
William C. Beeley - Little Wheel Spin & Spin (1970)
Michael Small - Night Fishing (1971)
Timmothy - Rich Get Richer (1972)
Ben Barnette - Ashes (1971)
Willow - Lightning (1974)
Nicodemus - Take Me (1977)
Chris Madsen - Drifting (1983)
Feather Da Gamba - Gregory Lane (1972)
Steve Haggard - Lifeline (1979)
Dirt Road - A Sunny Day’s Dream (1977)

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