Beat Tape (2011)
MIXTAPE | ?? TRACKS | 34:40

This was my first ever mixtape, created way back in 2011 and featuring all the instrumental hip hop that was in regular rotation on my Ipod back then.  While primarily here for posterity, it still holds up as 30 min. of pure, unbridled, head-nodding pleasure with a dash of introspection.
I couldn't even begin to find a tracklist, but off the top of my head this one features beats from MHE, Mos-Def, RJD2, Blue Sky Black Death, De La Soul, Sixtoo, Blockhead, Aesop Rock, Gaslamp Killer, Dr. No, Dert, Express Rising, Malcolm Catto, DJ Shadow, Panzah Zandahz, Omega One and plenty more.

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