Lonely Bastards
MIXTAPE | 10 TRACKS | 40:00

Proving that loneliness takes on many shapes and forms, these are tracks that just didn’t seem to fit in a conventional “loner folk” mix. This one goes outside the box a bit - from brooding and wasted bar blues, introspective country nuggets and forgotten lounge acts, topped off by some epic acid-damaged emo hard rock.

Humble Mud - Born Loser
The Smiths - Now I Taste The Tears
'Spider' John Koerner & Willie Murphy - I Ain’t Blue
The Moonlighters - Mainline
Vernon Wray - Lonely Son
Jerry Gunter And Sounds Of The Sentury - Isn't It A Pity
Suzanna Prince - The Drunk Man’s Madonna
Laura Yager - Love Song
Jaime Arroyo - Lonely
Garrick - (Loving You) The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done

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