Transcendental Journey
MIXTAPE | 14 TRACKS | 49:22

A generous offering of mind-bending psychedelia from all over the globe. One of my earliest attempts at a psych rock mix - still proud of this one, hope you enjoy the journey.

Ford Theatre – Theme For The Masses
Dragonfly – Blue Monday
The Animated Egg – Sock It My Way
Colonel Bagshot – Lord High Human Being
Toncho Pilatos – Blind Man
Pugh Rogefeldt – Har Kommer Natten
Morning Dew - Gypsy
Blessed End – Is It Time
Fraction – Sanc Divided
Ant Trip Ceremony – Outskirts
The Outsiders – C.Q.
Friday’s Keepers – Take Me For A Ride
Algarnas Tradgard – Rings of Saturn
San Ul Lim – A Flower Has Bloomed In The Fog

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