Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl
MIXTAPE | 14 TRACKS | 42:15

The beginning of a brand new series featuring eclectic records straight from Dr. Babylon's turntable for your listening enjoyment. German country rock, Swiss Reggae, Bolivian psych, 60's garage rock and forgotten bursts of funk, soul, and blues is just a taste of what your ears will sample when Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl.

The Nirvana Devils - Hellbound Train (1986)
Mr. Amir - We Are Today (1984)
Doris & Kelley - You Don’t Have To Worry (1967)
Willie Griffin - Where There's Smoke, There's Fire (1984)
Kip Tyler - She's My Witch (1958)
Dick Podolor - Samoa (1958)
The V.I.P.s - Wintertime (1966)
Airport - Pride Of Man (1970)
Gemini - If You’re So Smart (197?)
Ray T Jones - That Norfolk Sound (1975)
Utopia - Lejos De Mi (1980)
Rossella Valenti - Sono Nata Per Un Uomo [Woman] (1976)
Leo Afzelius - Reflections (1976)
Bacamarte - Último Entardecer (1983)

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