MIXTAPE | 17 TRACKS | 46:33

A mix of modern electronica, serene female vocals and calming dreamscape beats.  The perfect accompaniment to a sunrise meditation or that first cup of coffee before the day begins.

Cat’s Eyes - Carpenter Arrival
Jonny Greenwood - Tree Synthesisers
Clark - Cannibal Homecoming
The Flaming Lips - Watching the Lightbugs Glow
Moderat - Ghostmother (Instrumental)
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Sunrise
Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2 - A Search
Bibio - Cry! Baby!
Express Rising - Dark Early
Federale - All The Colours Of The Dark
The Rolling Stones - Heaven
Still Corners - I Wrote in Blood
She Keeps Bees - Two Thousand Lights
Devonte Hynes - Hair
Breathe - Are You All Good
Oneohtrix Point Never - Trance 1
Cat Power - Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

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