Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl Vol. 3
MIXTAPE | 14 TRACKS | 42:53

Volume 3 of my eclectic crate-digging journey features, once again, a wide variety of sounds and styles - African and Arab funk, hypnotic 70’s soul, Southeast Asian pop, Nigerian rock and psychedelic pop from Germany, topped off with a lost bit of sunshine folk from the 1960’s.
You never know what you might hear when Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl.

The Soul Throbs - Little Girl
Jeanette Baker - Vacation From My Mind
The Gospel Echoes - Drive On
Downbeats - Why Do You Love Another
Monsoon - Sunset Over The Ganges
Ahmed Malek - La Silence des Cendres
Elements of Peace - Together Pt. 2
Ranking - Chatty Chatty People
Theodore Nemy & His Band - Come Back
Babla and Kanchan - Aay Mere Dil
The Lollipops - Naked When You Come
Gee Bros - Let Me Find The Sun
Unit Gloria - Summer Rain
Keith Kessler - Sunshine Morning

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