Library Raid
MIXTAPE | 13 TRACKS | 35:59

The genre of library music has long fascinated me, and with this mixtape I am collecting some of my very favorite library record finds. From the funky to the serene and everything in between.

Tea - Costa Mesa
Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gérard Zajd - Funkadelic Again
Dave Sarkys - Canadian Colours Theme 1
Giuliano Sorgini - Ingranaggi Pesanti
Guy Des Joncs - OK Joan
Alfonso Santisteban - Amor Perdido
Stringtronics - Catharsis
Nick Ingman - Radar
Reverberi - Dust Storm
Dave Sarkys - Colorado Sunrise
Steve Gray - Giant 3
Carlo Maria Cordio - Seagulls Flight
Yan Tregger - Myriam

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