Psychedelic Musings
MIXTAPE | 15 TRACKS | 45:02

Let your mind drift on a tranquil afternoon with this collection of
trippy psychedelic music from the 60's and 70's.

Phantasia - Transparent Face
The Folklords - Forty Second River
The Brazen Hussies - Imitation Me
The Masters Apprentices - War or Hands of Time
Saint Steven - Voyage to Cleveland
The Sound Offs - The Angry Desert
Children of the Mushroom - You Can’t Erase a Mirror
The P.T.S. - You Need Love
The Common People - Take From You
Ultimate Spinach - Mind Flowers
Armando Piazza - The House on the Hill
Luv Bandits - Mizzer-Bahd
Index - You Keep Me Hanging On
Ron & Shirley - Bad Love is a Demon
We All Together - It’s A Sin To Go Away

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