The Crates Vol. 11
MIXTAPE | 14 TRACKS | 47:24

The musical expedition continues with these carefully curated cuts of Swedish prog rock, 60’s garage bands, introspective funk, soulful West African grooves and psychedelic soul.

Life - Sailing In The Sunshine
Blackrock - Yeah Yeah
Mylon LeFevre - Peace Begins Within
Swithold - Slowburner
The Scorpion - B5
Cry Babies - Daydream
The Undertakers - Unchain’ My Heart
The Creeps - The Creep
Harry Gullett And The Wheels - The Wondering Man
Washrag - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right
The Crowd Pleasers - Down By The River
José Carlos Schwarz & Le Cobiana Djazz - Na Kolonia
Eugene Evans - Too Much Pain
The Albert - Pity The Child

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