Lonely Highways
MIXTAPE | 13 TRACKS | 51:24

Drifters, loners, outsiders. On the run from the law. Reeling from heartbreak. Disillusioned and nowhere left to turn. These songs conjure up visions of smoke-filled cafes and hitchhiking through desolate rural towns just as the grimness of winter is beginning to set in. And somewhere among these whiskey-soaked ballads and tortured vocals is something resembling catharsis. This is a very special mixtape for me - only for the ultra-introspective.

Jay Bolotin - Dear Father
Alyeska Woman - Turnagain Blues
Tim Angenend - Fun City
Dwayne Cannan - Lady
Nicodemus - Long Road to Depression
Terry Reid - To Be Treated Rite
Terry Telson - When Evening Comes
Bill Staines - Kentucky Moonshiner
Jeremy Storch - I’ll Keep Fading Away
San Ul Lim - Afternoon
Crash Coffin - God Loves The Loser
UNKLE - Open Your Eyes
Cecilia - Imaginary Man

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