Transturnal Sessions
MIXTAPE | 24 TRACKS | 29:30

In promotion of my upcoming new album Transturnal....
A chilled out listening experience encompassing things I sampled on the record, from Japanese synth-pop to German cassette tapes, full of dreamy 80's synths and drum breaks along with unused bits and bobs and other adjacent tracks.  Buckle in and let Dr. Babylon take you on a journey...

前田憲男 Norio Maeda, 大野 雄二 Yuji Ohno - エロイカより愛をこめて
Yoko Katori - サバンナ・サンセット
平賀マリカ Marica - Angel In The Night
Tranzam Moon Band - Night Cruisin’
Dwight Sykes - The Good Times
HAL - Kleines Beast
Rita Wright - Touch Me Take Me
Unknown - Dream Away
Elizabeth Parker - Post Apocalypse Fog
Touch - Gethsemane 1
Christian Pfluger - Liebeslied (Der Abschied)
Dr. Babylon - Chroma Dust
Radioersatz - Just Night Tonight A Last Talk
Cin Click - Struggle
Unknown Aritst - 赤川 次郎- 魔女たちの眠り IV
KONAMI KUKEIHA CLUB - Spreading Diehard/Eternal Promise
Tommy Mandel - IV. Delta (Looking)
S. Work - Questionable
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Should I Wait
Tom Brock - There Is Nothing In This World That Can Stop Me From Loving You
Т.Кочергина - Zhuravka
Dr. Babylon - A Sliver Of Destiny
The Fred Bloggs Band - The Tribe
J.A. Seazer - エンディングテーマ(立ち上がれ天馬) (Boxer)

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