This is a collection of Dr. Babylon's personal mixtapes, each one a curated musical journey through stacks of records from decades long past and voices lost in the echoes of time.

Transturnal Sessions
Sample Mixtape
Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl Vol. 4
Eclectic Vinyl
Under Your Spell
Garage Rock
Sunday Morning Crates Vol. 4
Mellow Vibes
Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl Vol. 3
Eclectic Vinyl
Disciples Of Soul
Funk / Soul
Songs To Nowhere
Loner Folk
Electric Nights
Synthwave + Vaporwave Dreamscape
Sunday Morning Crates Vol. 3
Mellow Vibes
Drum Breaks
Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl Vol. 2
Eclectic Vinyl
Sunday Morning Crates Vol. 2
Mellow Vibes
Dr. Babylon Dreams In Vinyl
Eclectic Vinyl
California Gigalo
California Songs
Zion Beats
All Roads Lead South
Southern Rock
The Crates Vol. 12
Eclectic Vinyl
Slipped Through The Cracks
Crates Mix Outtakes
Walkman Tapes Vol. 4
80's Synthpop, New Wave, Post-Punk
The Crates Vol. 11
Eclectic Vinyl
A Killer In The Night
Giallo Soundtracks
Synth Gems
Synth Monsters
The Crates Vol. 10
Eclectic Vinyl
Strange Seeds Vol. 2
More oddities
The Crates Vol. 9
Eclectic Vinyl
Strange Seeds
Psychedelic Solstice
Psych Rock
Lonely Bastards
Sad Shit
Anemoia Sessions
Sample Mixtape
The Crates Vol. 8
Eclectic Vinyl
Waves Of Darkness
80's Darkwave
Radiohead Adjacent
Radiohead-esque Tunes
Walkman Tapes Vol. 3
80's Power Pop
Library Raid
Library Music
Old Country
Country / Rockabilly
The Crates Vol. 7
Eclectic Vinyl
Moonlight Over Valhalla
Yacht Rock
Southern Charm
Country / Southern Rock
The Crates Vol. 6
Eclectic Vinyl
Xanadu Blues
Loner folk
The Crates Vol. 5
Eclectic Vinyl
Walkman Tapes Vol. 2
80's Power Pop
Punk At Heart
Punk Rock
Foreign Lullabies
Underground Rebellion
Garage Rock
Funk Soul Odyssey
Funk / Soul
Ramblin' Skies
70's Folk / Blues Rock
Season Of Decay
90's Grunge
70's Hard Rock
Walkman Tapes Vol. 1
80's Power Pop
Witching Hour
Dark Synth
The Crates Vol. 4
Eclectic Vinyl
Cold Embrace
Gentle Breeze
Eclectic vinyl Chilled out Funk, Soul, Psych
Years Gone By
Loner folk
Perpetual Drift
Eclectic vinyl 70's Rock, Funk/Soul
The Crates Vol. 3
Eclectic Vinyl
Tinge Of Sadness
Loner folk
Codeine Hearts
Loner Folk, Psych Rock
Starlight Synthesis
Cosmic Rock
Dark Synth
Age Of Synthpop
Dream Road (Japanese Folk Mix)
Japanese Psych/Folk
The Leftovers
Eclectic vinyl
Psych Folk
American Exile
Loner folk
The Edge of Sanity (In The 1980's)
80's Private Press Madness
Easy Listening
Soft Rock
Dyslexic Smiles
Hard Rock
The Crates Vol. 2
Eclectic Vinyl
Passport Mix
World Beats
Decade of Darkness
Eternal Dusk
Psych Folk
Lonely Highways Part 2
Loner folk
Lonely Highways
Loner folk
Psych 45s
60's Psych Rock
Cosmic Epiphany
Psych Rock
Dark Side of Nowhere
Rockabilly, Dark Country
Bayou Drifters
Dark shit
Synth Vol. 2
Grunge As Fuck
90's Grunge
80's Mix
Sweet 80's goodness
Summer Daze
70's vinyl Psychedelic, Jazz-Fusion, Rock
Psychedelic Musings
Psych Rock
Sunday Morning Crates
60's vinyl
Pussycat OST
Funk / Soul
Synth Mix
Beat Tape 2016
Electronic, Instrumental Hip-Hop
Cross Country Tango
Road Trip Mix
Beat Tape 2011
Instrumental Hip-Hop
Dr. Babylon's Demented Symphony
Strange / Bizarre / Weird Shit
Dementia Mix
Psych Rock
The Crates
Eclectic Vinyl
Transcendental Journey
Psych Rock
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